Mr Sausage

Mr Sausage® is a producer of premium quality (pq®) Kranskys,  Fresh Sausages and Smallgoods products. We produce a wide range of sausage flavours and our products are available at Select Retail Stores as well as at our Direct Factory Outlet. Food service outlets can find our range at your local distributor. Please call us for your nearest stockist. 


Mr Sausage® is an Australian family owned business, a producer of premium quality (pq®) Kranskys, Fresh Sausages and Smallgoods. We began serving the Melbourne Market over 40 years ago from operations in the suburb of Preston. The business started when it’s founder could not find products of the style and quality he desired. Today we serve customers nationally with a wide variety of flavours.



Address: 3/15 Brock Street Thomastown VIC 3074

Phone: +61 (3) 9466 4266